The Learner Journey

As you embark on your learner journey, there are a number of milestones you will pass through to help you reach your learning goals.

Initial Assessment – here we discuss your previous qualifications and experiences, to help identify the correct course/level to get you started on with your training.

Learning Plan – your Trainer/Assessor will explain everything you need to know about the qualification, expectations of the course and set individual target and an action plan to support your journey.

Work-based Learning – most of the learning will be completed through workshops. There is also the opportunity to demonstrate what has been learnt through observations of work practice.

Support, Assessment and Review – your Assessor will get to know you and will be available for support throughout your journey. Individual targets will be set and we will work with you to monitor your progress.

Achievement and Certification – at the end of your course, your portfolio of evidence will be quality assured and certificated internally. You then pass through the Gateway to the final part of your journey through to EPA.

Succeed and progress in your career – congratulations! you have now completed your Apprenticeship Standard. We will now provide you with information, advice and guidance about opportunities for further study and progression.