Care Leadership & Management Level 4 and 5 Diploma

Please note that the Apprenticeship Standard is still in development.

These qualifications are aimed at advanced practitioners in Health and Social Care. The qualifications provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to manage, practice and lead others. The two qualifications cover a wide range of topics including safeguarding and protection, managing care services, supporting development, partnership working and promoting and developing best practice. This qualification confirms competence in these areas and serves as the required qualification for registration and regulatory requirements in the sector, where appropriate.

Framework Structure

All learners will need to achieve the following mandatory units:

  • safeguarding and protection 
  • managing care services, change programmes and recruitment 
  • supporting development and partnership working
  • quality systems and improvement 
  • developing and carrying out policy 
  • promoting and developing best practice 
  • care management


All units are assessed. Methods used could include:

  • interpretation of knowledge from direct observation of practice in the workplace 
  • witness evidence 
  • professional discussion 
  • reflection on own practice in real work situations 
  • written assignments 
  • learner’s own plans and written records
  • learner log or reflective diary 
  • observation of children, young people or adults by the learner 
  • portfolio of evidence 
  • optional task set by us 
  • scenario or case study 
  • oral questioning

Career opportunities 

On completion, learners can progress to a wide range of job roles depending on the pathway taken. The following list is not all-inclusive, but gives a taster of the opportunities available in either adult or children and young people’s settings:

  • Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Care Broker
  • Case Manager
  • Senior Support Worker
  • Day Care Manager
  • Residential Care Manager